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Fireworks at Kansalaistori Square, Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Fireworks in Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Target markets for pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies

Research by Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) shows that pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies are likely to target Mexico, Turkey, Argentina and South Africa as amongst the next target emerging markets after BRIC (Brazil, India, China and Russia) over the next five years to 2017.

In April and May 2012, GIA conducted an online survey amongst business managers at 38 global pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies. The results have been published in Business Perspectives on Emerging Markets 2012-2017 Report (Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Results), which shows that almost half of the respondents have entered emerging markets in search of greater global market share, while close to 40 per cent already have customers in emerging markets.

The top success factors for pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies in emerging markets til 2017 will be local distribution and access to customers, pricing and localised competitive positioning.
Business Perspectives on Emerging Markets 2012-2017 Report (Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Results) also shows that availability, accuracy and completeness of intelligence on emerging markets is an issue.

Nearly 80 per cent of the pharmaceuticals and healthcare surveyed said that information on emerging markets is not readily available in their organisations, while nearly 90 per cent doubt the accuracy and completeness of the information they do have. Only 37 per cent said that decision making on emerging markets in their organisations is efficient as a result, and 87 per cent admitted that decisions on emerging markets are delayed due to lack of information.

GIA’s financial success recognised by Soliditet and Kauppalehti

In October 2012, Global Intelligence Alliance Group Oy (GIA) was awarded the highest recognition for financial conduct and market achievement amongst Finnish companies. The intelligence company, with offices in 10 countries around the world, has been awarded with two notable certificates in 2012.Markko Vaarnas, CEO and co-founder of GIA Group

Kauppalehti, a Finnish business daily, acknowledged the Helsinki-based market intelligence company with the Achiever 2012 certificate for its financial performance. The certificates are based on Kauppalehti's annual Achievers (Menestyjä) series comparing the financial success of Finnish companies.

GIA has also been awarded the AAA certificate, the highest class in the Soliditet credit rating classification. Soliditet is a Nordic provider of credit and business information. The rating, which is achieved by only 3.7 per cent of all companies in Finland, recognises companies with above average economic indicators, positive payment history, as well as high volume of sales activity.

“Achieving top financial performance requires an awareness of the business environment and the related opportunities and threats, competing more effectively and growing into the right business opportunities,” said Markko Vaarnas, CEO of GIA.