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Fireworks at Kansalaistori Square, Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Fireworks in Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Carbodeon's coatings improve everything from engineering parts to egg pans

Fluoropolymer coatings are formed from high performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants. They are dry film lubricants, offering a smooth, hard, slick coating and provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. Fluoropolymer coatings also reduce friction, increase resistance to galling, are non-stick and non-wetting, and are ccharacterised by electrical resistance and abrasion resistance. Fluoropolymer coatings are applied to fasteners and various engineered components to provide a longer life before replacement.

Finnish firm Carbodeon has developed a new additive for fluoropolymer coatings, based on its uDiamond NanoDiamond technology. It has been developed to target solvent-based coatings used across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace and industrial, as well as food manufacturing and consumer product applications. The additive doubles the wear resistance of standard fluoropolymer coatings without making them abrasive, and maintains or improves the existing low friction properties.

The particle spectrumCarbodeon’s new NanoDiamond Fluoropolymer Coating Additive Doubles the life of coatings with a cost increase of less than 10 per cent for automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer applications

The new additive consists of diamond particles smaller than 10 nanometres in size which are produced alongside Carbodeon’s existing uDiamond NanoDiamond products, but with a newly-designed surface chemistry to suit fluoropolymer materials. The surface chemistry enables the particles to disperse into the coatings without becoming agglomerated, resulting in an extremely high diamond surface area that is often elusive in nano-formulations. This enables the additive to work at very low concentrations, reducing the cost, and making NanoDiamond applicable to a far greater market spectrum. The particles are dispersed in a solvent which is compatible with all major solvent-borne fluoropolymer systems.

Carbodeon CTO Vesa Myllymaki said, “This development has really opened up the possible applications for NanoDiamond fluoropolymer coatings. In a customer fluoropolymer application using Xylan 1010 from Whitford Corporation, we have reduced the wear measurement in 1,000 cycle Taber wear tests from 28.0 to 14.7 – that’s basically doubling the wear resistance - using a small addition of uDiamond coating additive resulting in an increase of the coating material cost of less than 10 per cent. Carbodeon has filed patent applications for some aspects, in addition to the existing patents covering uDiamond materials.”

Selling simple solutionsFor engineering parts to egg pans - Carbodeon’s new NanoDiamond Fluoropolymer Coating Additive doubles the life of coatings

This is Carbodeon’s second application-specific uDiamond NanoDiamond product. In January 2016 the company launched uDiamond Plating Additive For Electroless Nickel, a NanoDiamond additive that enhances wear resistance and tribology properties without compromising corrosion resistance.

Carbodeon provides mono-functionalised Single Digit Nano Diamond (SDND) additives for electroplating, coating, and polymer materials. The company offers solutions enabling customers to improve performance and efficiency. Its high-performance additives support standardised industry processes that allow for fast trials and roll-outs.

Carbodeon’s product specialists offer clients a complete range of professional services including customised technology consulting, project implementation, training and after sales support. The company’s patented uDiamond product line is also referred to as SDND and part of the development work has been financially supported by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Gavin Farmer, who leads business development at Carbodeon, commented, “We’ve been manufacturing and marketing NanoDiamond products under the uDiamond brand for several years, but more recently we’ve become application focussed and this has grown our business. The application-designed NanoDiamond additives are simpler to use and work even better. We’re not selling science, we’re selling solutions.”