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Fireworks at Kansalaistori Square, Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Fireworks in Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Pankaboard invests in performance and products

Pankaboard produces cartonboard solutions for African enterprisesCartonboard manufacturer Pankaboard offers high-quality solutions for packaging, various graphical and industrial applications and food service products. It specialises in high thickness folding boxboards (FBBs) and uncoated speciality cartonboards.

The company runs its operations in a sustainable manner. All of its boards are virgin fibre-based and approved for food contact. With efficient local wood sourcing and a biofuel steam plant, the company's environmental impacts and its carbon footprint are reduced to a minimum.

Pankaboard stresses that it seeks at all times to ensure that its customers can attain the best results with its products. In order to get the optimum result for example in printing, die-cutting and creasing, it provides technical recommendations for its products. Its technical customer service has a team of experts for further advice.

Developing capacity

Pankaboard delivers high-quality solutions for a broad range of applicationsPankaboard sells to African enterprises from offices in Egypt and South Africa. It has recently invested heavily in its production facilities, most notably in its 'BM2' and 'BM3' board machines at Lieksa, in Finland. The company's production capacity stands at 110,000t/a. Its product portfolio consists of high thickness FBB as well as various uncoated speciality boards. The company serves a wide range of end uses, including luxury beverage and food packaging, picture framing, capseals and visual communication.

BM2 offers a trim width of 3,050mm, and a capacity of 65,000t/a. BM3 has a trim width of 2,250mm, and a capacity of 45,000t/a.

Following on from a round of investment in a new dilution headbox at its BM3 board machine, Pankaboard has completed an upgrade on its BM2 board machine, which produces folding boxboards, specialising in the heavier weight substances. The company had already upgraded the formation control on BM2 early in 2016, to meet the highest of quality standards.

This new investment means that fibre distribution can be re-engineered and optimised for enhanced smoothness and converting performance.

“Through this targeted investment and dedicated product development we have been able to reach a superior formation that results in several benefits for our customers,” said Petri Saastamoinen, mill manager at Pankaboard.

The result of the development can be seen as outstanding printing quality, an improved surface for lamination, and improved runnability at high speed packaging lines. The new fibre technology will enable the company to continue the development work in FBB to further optimise the product offering for strategic end uses.