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Fireworks at Kansalaistori Square, Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

Fireworks in Helsinki, to celebrate a century of Finnish independence (Photo: Finland 100)

A student's life in Lahti

Elizabeth Ndegwa hails from Kenya. She has been studying at Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) for nearly a year. She came to Finland after a family friend living in Helsinki recommended her to study in Finland, and specifically at Lahti UAS. She applied, sat the entrance exam and was admitted. Elizabeth chose Lahti University of Applied Sciences because the university was just beginning its Degree Programme in Nursing in English and she thought it would be nice to be part of a pioneering group. Lahti UAS has modern and advanced facilities for learning, which appealed to Elizabeth. She also wanted to study in a multi-cultural environment with classmates who come from different countries and backgrounds.

"It is very interesting to be in such a class," she says. "I gain a lot of knowledge about different cultures."

A programme of organised practice

Elizabeth is pursuing a Degree Programme in Nursing, which started in Autumn 2012. She enjoys being a student in Lahti. She says, "The Degree Programme in Nursing taught in English is new - and I feel that the studies are well-organised, and the teachers are really knowledgeable and helpful. The syllabus flows quite well."Elizabeth Ndegwa enjoys student life in Lahti

Elizabeth notes that Clinical Practice is particularly interesting in the hospital. There are a few reasons - the facilities are quite advanced, and the nurses and hospital staff are friendly and willing to teach the practical aspects of the programme. However, Elizabeth also reports that the student life in Lahti is good. There are lots of activities, which are organised to ensure the students enjoy their stay. She says, "There are always sauna nights, board games, swimming and other activities organised by the student body, LAMKO."

A multi-cultural life

Would she has she to say about the quality of student life at LUAS? Elisabeth responds, "I would recommend the same studies to anyone who would like to get good quality education and an internationally-recognised degree. Also, to someone who would like to study in a multi-cultural environment."

To Elisabeth, Lahti might be a small city, but it is a city offering plenty of life and culture. And there is more that appeals to her. "It’s a lovely place," she says, "with beautiful lakes, forests and breath-taking scenery."

Life after Lahti promises much for Elisabeth. When she completes her nursing degree, she intends to work as a surgical nurse, and to pursue a Masters degree in Public Health. But, for now, she is enjoying her time at the university. She says, "Lahti UAS is a really nice place to study. For me, it has been an interesting journey so far...The staff and teachers have been of great help especially to us international students who come from different countries."